We are a community

A bunch of like minded creatives in Melbourne, hanging out, and helping each other.

We hold exhibitions, paint murals, and have meetups.

Our facebook group has almost 1500 members!

Lettering exhibition

We’ve done some cool stuff

Since our first meetup in 2014, we have had 5 exhibitions. (let’s not forget we’ve been in lockdown, it’s kind of cramped our style).

We’d love to meet you

We (try to) hold meetups monthly to get together. We practice, chat, sketch and have a laugh. We’ve held meetups at night with beers, over breakfast with coffee, and even with doughnuts. If you’re a Melbourne lettering artist, we’d love to have you at our next meetup! It’s free and a great way to not only step away and practice but network with some great letterers.

We’ve painted murals together

While we are all individual artists (some of which are talents who paint their own murals), we have done some commissions as a group. It’s a great way to learn – and bond!